Utahns Believe Clinton Will Win Presidency

Even though Utah almost assuredly will vote for Donald Trump for president this year, more believe Hillary Clinton will win the office than believe Trump will, a new UtahPolicy poll by Dan Jones & Associates finds.

It’s a mind-bender – kind of a, “We’ll vote for Trump to win, but we don’t think he will.”

In a new survey, Jones finds:

— 43 percent of Utahns believe Clinton will win Nov. 8.

— 26 percent believe Trump will be our next president.

— 10 percent wish someone else will win the highest office.

— And 21 percent don’t know.

As reported previously in UPD, Jones also finds that 39 percent of Utahns plan on voting for Trump, while only 24 percent favor Clinton.

So, if Clinton doesn’t come on strong in this very red state, Trump will win Utah. Still, many of those planning on voting for Trump believe Clinton will win the office.

Jones finds Utah Republicans have more faith in Trump’s national campaign than do Democrats and independents.

— 40 percent of Republicans say Trump will win the presidency; 27 percent say Clinton will; 9 percent guess someone else will take the Oval Office; and 24 percent – one fourth — of Utah Republicans don’t have a guess.

You don’t see that uncertainty with Democrats and independents.

— 78 percent of Utah Democrats say Clinton will win the top job; only 10 percent believe it will be Trump; 4 percent say someone else will; and just 8 percent don’t know.

— 55 percent of political independents say Clinton will win; 15 percent pick Trump; 14 percent say someone else; and 16 percent don’t know.

Expectations may change after Monday night — the national broadcast of the first debate between Clinton and Trump.

Two more debates will follow, with one vice-presidential debate, as well.

With the presidential race tightening in recent weeks, much is being placed on the Clinton/Trump debates – with Clinton taking time off from campaigning to prep for the 90-minute debate, Trump saying he will do a little studying, but doesn’t want to be over-coached and is approaching these three debates much as he did the many GOP debates earlier in the campaign.

Jones polled 605 likely voters from Sept. 1-9. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.98 percent.