Press Release: Robinson calls McAdams’ Westside Commission an Election Stunt

In response to Salt Lake County Mayor BenMcAdams’ westside press conference touting economic development on the westside, Dave Robinson, candidate for Salt Lake County Mayor, released the following statement.  

“This is an McAdams election eve campaign tactic.” Robinson stated. “Six weeks prior to the election, McAdams now takes notice of the west side. He abandoned West Valley’s bid to keep the Hale Center Theatre. For four years and counting, he abandoned the South Jordan Equestrian facility. He dragged his feet on the West Side Cultural Center. He continues to allow community assets on the west side fall into disrepair, such as Marv Jensen Rec Center and West Valley Library.

“All while spending millions on downtown pet projects.

“I trust that Salt Lake County voters will see this for what is, just another simple election stunt.  The voters know the issues.  They know that they have been neglected by the McAdams administration while he continues to raise their taxes.”

Robinson also criticized McAdams for endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. He said, “After Hillary mothered and inspired a young McAdams in the Clinton White House, she ensured Ben’s political foundation in Utah with a $100,000 fundraiser. McAdams now returns the favor with a full-throated Hillary Clinton endorsement.”