Press Release: Atty. Gen. Sean Reyes Airs Five New Radio Ads

Friends of Sean Reyes, in support of Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes for reelection, are airing five new radio ads ranging from the importance of integrity, safety, leadership skills, breadth of office impact and priorities to why all constituents should vote, including young voters.

Signaling the importance of reaching out to Utah electorate regardless of the Democrat Party candidate dropping out of the AG race last week, the following five, 30-second radio ads provide Utah voters with the additional information they need to make informed voter decisions ahead ofNovember 8:

1) AG for a Safer Utah (Transcript)This is Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes. As the state’s top prosecutor and law enforcement officer, it is my duty to ensure our state is a safe place for children, families, businesses and all Utahns. I am honored to protect our state now, and would be honored to continue protecting it as your attorney general for the next four years. Paid for by Friends of Sean Reyes.

2) Voter Responsibility (Transcript)This is Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes. OnNovember 8th, we will elect a president, Congressional candidates and many state and local officials. Please encourage your family, friends and young voters to mail in their ballots or head to the polls. While we all know there is more to life than politics, each vote cast today has the power to make a differencetomorrow. Paid for by Friends of Sean Reyes.

3) Integrity (Transcript)This is Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes. I promised to restore trust to the AG office, and last year we were recognized by a national nonpartisan foundation and the University of Utah for the highest ethical standards of transparency, accountability and integrity in government. I am honored to protect Utahns by leading and winning the right way. Paid for by Friends of Sean Reyes.

4) AGO Scope and Priorities (Transcript)This is Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes. Many ask what an AG does. Prevent teen suicide. Get recovery for opioid addicts. Fight bullying and human trafficking. Promote victim advocacy and children’s justice centers. Provide data protection and security. Stop domestic abuse. Crush white-collar crime. Stand up for law enforcement and vets. And stand against federal overregulation, all while bringing communities together to solve real-life problems. The AG office, doing much more than you’d imagine. Paid for by Friends of Sean Reyes.

5) AG on Leadership (Transcript)Hello, this is Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes. As a leader and protector of Utah’s best interests, I take my public service role very seriously. I have the leadership skills, legal experience, and statewide support to get the job done for all Utah citizens. I respectfully ask for your vote and support onNovember 8th so we can continue the positive momentum we’ve built. Paid for by Friends of Sean Reyes.

The new radio advertisements can be heard at: