Venezuela Resolution Passes House

This week, with Congresswoman Love’s strong support, the House passed H. Res. 851. This resolution, which she cosponsored, expresses profound concern about the political, economic, and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and calls for the release of political prisoners, including Josh Holt of Riverton.

Congresswoman Love has become increasingly worried about the plight of Venezuela, and has been actively working with the Department of State to bring home Mr. Holt.

Following the passage of the resolution, she said, “I pleased to see the House formally recognize the crisis in Venezuela. It pains me to see people suffering under an increasingly desperate and oppressive regime. And it breaks my heart to see Josh Holt held as a political prisoner and denied a fair hearing for so long. This resolution tells all those who are suffering that we stand in solidarity with them. I am proud to join with several of my colleagues to send this message, and applaud Rep. Wasserman Schultz for her leadership on this.”