Sutherland Institute to Launch New Publishing Imprint with 2 Titles by Scott Rasmussen

At an event at The King’s College in Manhattan, Sutherland Institute president Boyd Matheson announced the Institute’s launch of its new publishing imprint with two Scott Rasmussen titles.

The first book, the second edition of In Search of Self-Governance, is available today as an e-book on The second title, Politics Has Failed: America Will Not, will be released after the new year. (See details at

“Sutherland is honored to partner with one of America’s most insightful minds and trusted voices. These two books show once again that Scott Rasmussen has not only the pulse of America, but the right prescriptions as well,” Matheson said. “The Institute’s new publishing imprint will provide the nation’s thought leaders a platform to share with Americans the most effective and inspiring solutions to our most urgent challenges.”

In his prepared remarks, Matheson writes, “Our hope is to turn the attention of our citizens away from Washington and the political class and focus it where it belongs – the local community. Our work with Scott Rasmussen, both in publishing his wisdom and insights along with pursuing meaningful community problem-solving with The King’s College – not politics – is vital to the future of our nation. Smaller government alone is not the answer to the issues of our day – America will succeed by fostering bigger citizens, stronger neighborhoods and more heroic communities that can create sustainable local solutions. The need for citizens to read, internalize and act on the ideas contained in the two books in this project has never been greater.”

The announcement is part of the launch event for the Center for Community Driven Solutions, which will be housed at King’s College and of which Rasmussen will be a fellow.