Utah Republican Party Reaffirms Support for Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s debate performance last night reminded us of why he is the Republican nominee.

While much has been made of his unacceptable comments recorded on tape eleven years ago, the choice before the American people on who will lead this country is between an agent of change, Donald Trump; or more the same, Hillary Clinton. Make no mistake, Donald Trump is an insurgent candidate who has rattled the political establishment to its core; and as such, they are fighting back with all they have. This election pits those who are disenfranchised by the political establishment against those who benefit from it. Donald Trump seeks to transform the political establishment into one that works on behalf of all of the American people. 

Donald Trump has apologized for his comments eleven years ago when he was in the environment of Hollywood and the political left. He has professed on many occasions he is not proud of some of his past, and that his heart has changed and he is a better person now. We condemn the degradation of women in any form and condemn the comments he made in this recording. However, I accept Mr. Trump’s profession and trust he is demonstrating the change in his heart today; and I support him as our Republican nominee. 

The Utah Republican Party respects the rights of its members to vote their conscience and express their 

opinions as we engage in vigorous discussions about the issues of the day and our candidates. As the emotions of the moment subside I trust most Republicans will remember the high stakes of this election cycle and vote Republican. With a current vacancy on the Supreme Court and the potential for others, and the financial and security concerns of our nation, the stakes in this election are too high to allow Hillary Clinton to become president. As Chair of the Utah Republican Party, I am confident at the end of the day Utah will support Donald Trump for President.