The Solution: Vote for Trump and Then Impeach & Convict Him

lavarr policy insightsWho to vote for in the presidential race? It’s the political dilemma of the decade for many Republicans.

Most Republicans can’t stand even the thought of voting for Hillary Clinton. They simply won’t do it. Many have been hoping Trump would give them a reason to vote for him, but he hasn’t. The recording of him making lewd comments about women a decade ago cemented opinions that Trump isn’t fit to be president.

Some Republicans, of course, will still vote for Trump because they believe he will appoint more conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices than Clinton will. That’s a good reason, but I believe Trump is so erratic and so lacking in conservative principles that I’m not confident about his Supreme Court picks.

So here’s the solution: Vote for Trump, elect him, and then impeach him in the U.S. House, and convict him in the U.S. Senate. He will, no doubt, quickly provide ample justification. Then, voila! Mike Pence, a trustworthy conservative, becomes president.

I suggest this only half-jokingly. I don’t believe either Trump or Clinton is fit to be president. But voting for Mickey Mouse or a third party candidate, or an independent, is a waste of a vote. If Republicans don’t vote for Trump, Clinton surely wins (she probably does anyway).

The only way to make Mike Pence president is for Trump to win and then be removed from office when he continues his outrageous behavior, or makes monumental mistakes with the economy or foreign policy.

Trump performed just well enough in the last debate to firm up his base and stay in the race. He’s not going to drop out, no matter how many people demand that he does so. Clinton supporters were expecting a knock-out punch in the debate. Trump not only survived it but threw some haymakers of his own. Clinton didn’t know how to handle him.

So his campaign lives on. We’re stuck with Trump. He’s not going to drop out.

I firmly believe Trump’s behavior toward women, combined with all the other arrogant and offensive things he’s said and done, disqualify him from the presidency.

But I also am disgusted by all the selective outrage, even hypocrisy, by Democrats and Clinton supporters who gave Bill Clinton a pass when he sexually assaulted women and even attacked the women he abused. They even accused Republicans of being prudes. Now they are outraged by Trump’s language. Bill Clinton remains a beloved figure in Democratic circles, despite leaving a trail of abused and scorned women in his wake.

Hillary Clinton has demanded that women be taken seriously and be supported when they say they have been sexually assaulted. But she had a double standard when it came to her husband’s many accusers.

None of this justifies any of Trump’s actions, of course. It just shows hypocrisy, flaws, and moral weakness by both candidates.

The only way to defeat both of them is to elect Trump, then remove him from office through the impeachment/conviction process.