James Evans Booted by CNN Host After Bringing Up Story About Bill Clinton Love Child (with video)

20161013 James Evans CNNLet’s just say Utah GOP Chairman James Evans has had better weeks.

First, he had to reiterate his support for Donald Trump following the release of a lurid videotape where the GOP nominee made comments about groping women. 

Next up was news that the Utah GOP has bill collectors chasing them for some unpaid debts.

A shocking poll showed Trump was tied with Hillary Clinton in Utah at just 26%.

Then, on Thursday morning, Evans was booted from CNN after bringing up a widely discredited story about former President Bill Clinton having fathered an illegitimate love child with a prostitute.

CNN’s Carol Costello wasn’t having it after Evans injected Danney Williams into the conversation, saying Trump’s sexual accusers were being held to a different standard than those who bring allegations against the Clintons.

“That’s just rubbish. You have no proof of that,” scoffed Costello before ending the interview.

Evans was referring to a story that has been circulating around right-wing websites about how Williams claimed to be Clinton’s son via a sex worker. Williams has presented no evidence to back up his claim, and a DNA test previously determined Williams could not be Clinton’s son.

Here’s the full clip.