‘Political Insiders’ say Trump Tapes Should Scramble Presidential Race in Utah

Donald Trump 06Videotapes showing Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women have roiled the presidential race, especially in Utah.

A shocking poll on Wednesday conducted after the tape’s publication showed Trump tied with Hillary Clinton. Subsequent polls show Trump with a slight or substantial lead.

We asked our “Political Insiders” how the “Trump tapes” might affect the race for Utah’s six electoral votes.

Both Republicans and Democrats on our panel expect Trump to still win the election in November. However, Republicans say independent Evan McMullin would come in second while Democrats say Clinton would finish second.

42% of our readers say Clinton will win Utah, while 40% picked McMullin. The other 18% said Trump will still win despite the tapes.


Selected anonymous comments:

“It will be closer, but Trump still squeaks it out.”

“Trump’s margin of victory will be much smaller than it otherwise would have been.”

“Trump will still win, but the amount of smugness from the Ted Cruz worshiping wing of the Republican party will be unbearably self-righteous for another four years.”

“If more polls continue to show Evan McMullin has a good chance, he could well win.”

“For the first time in my life, a Democrat might win! Hallelujah!”

“It may not change the final result, but what may have been an easy Utah victory for Trump could end up being a nail-biter.”

“Utahns were looking for a reason to abandon Trump, Mcmullin, combined with the historic unpopularity of the UTGOP under James Evans hand is all the motivation 3 out of 4 rank and file Republicans needed.”

“Yes, the Trump tape will have an adverse effect on the Trump campaign, especially among Utah women (how can it not?). Mr. Trump seemingly acts like an accident waiting to happen. He does not have any kind of filter between his ears to control his comments, on the record or off. Now an offhand comment, made in the past has been dredged up to bite him. I’m not surprised. There are probably many more in the wings since he has been in the public eye for decades.”

“Please, Santa, all I want for an early Christmas is to see Trump and Clinton both lose Utah!”

“Trump will still win, but by the slimmest of margins.”

“Interesting to see Evan McMullin surging a bit but I think he peaks this week then starts to fade as the Trump tape moment starts to fade.”

“There are still too many Utahns who automatically vote for anybody with an ‘R’ after their name, regardless of who they are, what they say, or what they do.”

“Utahn’s won’t vote for Trump, but also won’t be able to overcome their irrational dislike of Clinton. So they will vote for the imminently unqualified Evan McMullin, who to my knowledge hasn’t developed a platform any deeper than ‘I’m not Trump or Clinton!'”

“There is no denying that Evan McMullin provides the best fit for the Utah electorate. This may be the first time that a third (or fourth) party candidate strengthens in the voting booth.”

“But it will be pretty close. If not for Johnson and McMullin then Hillary would win.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see Clinton or McMullin win the state. The disgusting actions of Trump are finally coming to light, and Utah voters are paying attention.”

“Trump will get high 30%. I keep laughing about the numb nuts who think McMullin will win. As one congressional member told me today, Hell, he wasn’t even staffer of consequence’.”

“Regretfully, Until Utah’s electorate expand their knowledge of the Alphabet past the letter “R,” the status quo will reign.”

“Prior to the implosion of the Trump campaign, it appeared he would get the most votes in Utah. Now a significant number of the Trump votes will turn away, and most will go to McMullin, throwing the entire race into a confusing jungle from which Clinton may well emerge with the plurality.”

“In Utah, Evan and Gary will get 1st and 2nd. Hillary 3rd and Stein will get 4th. Trump gets 5th.”