Rasmussen Poll Shows Three-Way Presidential Tie in Utah

Donald TrumpA new survey from Rasmussen Reports shows Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Evan McMullin are in a statistical dead-heat in Utah.

The poll had Trump with 30%, McMullin at 29% and Clinton with 28%. Libertarian Gary Johnson was at 5% and Green Party nominee Jill Stein was at 1%.

The survey was conducted among 750 likely voters October 15 and 16.

Polling in Utah has been extremely volatile since a tape with Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women came to light. That tape prompted many Utah Republicans to publicly disavow Trump’s candidacy, and the Deseret News published a scathing editorial calling on Trump to pull out of the race.

A YouGov poll published on Sunday showed Trump with a 17-point lead. A Monmouth survey published last Thursday had Trump with a 6-point lead over Clinton and a 14-point lead over McMullin. A Y2 Analytics poll published Wednesday had Trump and Clinton tied at 26% and McMullin at 22%.

Heat Street says the survey showed Donald Trump’s favorable/unfavorable ratings from the Rasmussen poll were telling.

Worse news for Trump is his favorable/unfavorable. Trump has unfavorables of 54% (very) and 14% somewhat. His very/somewhat favorables are 12% and 19%.


Clinton has unfavorables that are even worse: very/somewhat splits 60%/12%. Neither have an ‘unknown’ score.


McMullin scores 19% on ‘unknown’. Of the remaining 81% who have heard of him, he takes 22% very favorable and 29% somewhat favorable. Your correspondent’s math is not up to crunching that as a proportion of 81%! McMullin’s unfavorables are 8%/18% on very/somewhat.