Stewart Has Massive Cash Advantage Over Albarrann

Albarran StewartFundraising for the two major candidates in Utah’s 2nd Congressional district is a study in contrasts.

Democrat Charlene Albarran has raised a total of $468,547 for her bid to unseat Republican Chris Stewart. However, only 14% of that total has come from donations to her campaign. The other 86%, totaling $401,464, is made up of money Albarran has donated to herself.

Stewart has raised $790,957 so far this election cycle. However, 61% of that total is from political action committees. In fact, Stewart has raised more from PACs, $478,919, than Albarran has raised for her whole campaign.

During the last quarter, Stewart raised $178,538, with most of that coming from PACs. Albarran raised $70,271, most coming from a $50,000 donation she made to herself.

Heading into the home stretch before November, Stewart has a massive cash advantage over Albarran. His $222,116 is almost 11-times as much money as his Democratic challenger has available.

Albarran has a lot of ground to make up over the final three weeks before November’s election. A survey from August gave Stewart a 29-point lead (56-27%). The Utah Debate Commission’s survey in September also had Stewart ahead by 29-points (49-20%).