Chaffetz, Crapo May Not Abandon Trump After All

Rep. Jason Chaffetz tells The Daily Caller that he’s waiting to see how Donald Trump performs in the final presidential debate before making a decision on whether to vote for him in November. Earlier this month several prominent Mormon politicians pulled their endorsements of Trump after hot-mic audio emerged of the New York billionaire making lewd comments about women over a decade ago. Now two of those lawmakers, Chaffetz and Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo, seem to be reconsidering their initial reactions to the media-manufactured hysteria surrounding the “Access Hollywood” tape.

Reports Juliegrace Brukfke:

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform chairman retracted his endorsement Oct.7, shortly after The Washington Post released a 2005 video of the billionaire making lewd comments about women alongside then-“Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush. While Chaffetz is still weighing how he’ll cast his ballot, he confirmed voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is out of the question.

“There is no possible way to vote for Clinton. Any reasonable mind would vote for anybody but her,” Chaffetz told TheDCNF. “I did withdraw my support for Donald Trump, and each individual is going to have to make up their own mind. I’m focused on my own race and getting other members of Congress elected so we can maintain the majority.”

With the final presidential debate scheduled to take place in Las Vegas Wednesday, a number of Republicans are hoping the candidates will shift their focus off personal attacks and opt to discuss policy instead.

“I’m going to watch the debate and see how the rest of the things play out, but I’m in the never-Hillary camp, so that’s where I’m at,” he said.