Liberals Finally Admit: ‘Binders Full of Women’ Comment Was Totally Harmless

Remember the “binders full of women” media apocalypse of October 2012? Surely you do. That was the political episode in which liberals seized upon Mitt Romney’s innocuous comment about his record of hiring lots of qualified women to staff his Cabinet in Massachusetts and twisted it into “proof” that the GOP presidential nominee was a misogynist. The Obama campaign, you’ll also remember, had been accusing Romney of waging a “war against women.” There was no evidence of this, but Obama had hung a pretty big matzoh ball of an accusation out there and the mainstream media had to manufacture a smoking gun or its guy might end up looking bad. The phrase “binders full of women” was just clumsy enough to be made into the corroboration it needed. Over the final few weeks of the 2012 race Romney was alternately vilified and mocked in the press for his supposed gaffe. 

Fast forward to October 2016. Romney is political roadkill. Obama’s putting the foul finishing touches on his disgraceful second term. Hillary and Bill Clinton are on the cusp of parlaying their ragingly successful political slush fund operation into a second stint in the White House. 

And the liberal media is finally openly admitting that that Romney fellow from four years ago wasn’t so bad, after all.

Why the truth now? Because Romney represents no threat to Democrats. And because by elevating Romney the media hopes to diminish, by contrast, their hated bête noir, Donald Trump. The 2016 GOP presidential nominee, you see, stands accused not only of misogyny but of sexual assault. The same media that so shamelessly slandered Romney (and that in the recent past showed zero interest in exposing to light the lecherous behavior of Ted “Waitress Sandwich” Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and other Democratic luminaries) is now pollyannishly pretending to yearn for those innocent days of yore when the GOP presidential nominee was just a media-fabricated monster and not an allegedly real-life one.

Notes Jim Treacher at The Daily Caller:

Lefties spent 2012 freaking out over binders full of women, and Big Bird, and dogs on top of cars, and many other vital issues. Meanwhile, righties were freaking out over irrelevancies like… Obamacare. And Syria. And Russia.

But hey, getting the issues right doesn’t win elections. So now we have our current debacle. Good work, America.

I don’t expect these guys and gals to learn anything from this. To them, the only good Republican is the previous Republican. Whoever the GOP ends up nominating in 2020 — assuming the GOP still exists — will be met with the same wistful head-shaking. “Don’t you miss the more innocent days of the Trump campaign, you guys?”

They did everything they could to promote Trump, because they figured it would be easy for even the almost-universally despised Hillary Clinton to beat him. Now they’re expressing regrets about how they treated the last guy.

What a bind.