Irish Oddsmaker Says It’s a ‘Done Deal’ that Clinton Will Win

Hillary ClintonAt least someone is convinced Hillary Clinton is a lock to win the White House.

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has decided to start paying out on bets that Clinton would win the election over Donald Trump. That amounts to more than $1 million for customers who placed bets on Clinton.

In explaining the decision, Paddy Power says Clinton has an 85.7% chance of winning, while Trump is at just 18.2%. Those totals add up to more than 100% due to profits for Paddy Power.

From USA Today:

“Trump gave it a hell of a shot going from a rank outsider to the Republican candidate but the recent flood of revelations have halted his momentum and his chances now look as patchy as his tan,” the bookmaker said in a statement.


“Recent betting trends have shown one way traffic for Hillary and punters seemed to have called it 100% correct. Despite Trump’s Make America Great Again message appealing to many disillusioned voters, it looks as though America (is) going to put a woman in the White House,” it added.