New Poll Gives McMullin Lead in Utah

Evan McMullinA new survey of Utah voters from Emerson College puts independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin in the lead.

McMullin has 31% support in Utah. Republican nominee Donald Trump has 27%, while Hillary Clinton is in 3rd place at 24%. 12% of voters say they’re undecided.

The Emerson survey shows McMullin is getting most of his support from younger Utahns. 36% of voters between 18-34 say they support McMullin, while Trump and Clinton each get 22%.

The survey is the latest showing McMullin is surging in the Beehive State following the publication of lewd videotapes wherein Trump brags about sexually assaulting women and getting away from it because he’s famous.

A Rassmussen poll published Monday showed a statistical tie among the top three candidates. That survey had Trump at 30%, McMullin at 29% and Clinton at 28%.

A YouGov poll published on Sunday showed Trump with a 17-point lead. A Monmouth survey published last Thursday had Trump with a 6-point lead over Clinton and a 14-point lead over McMullin. A Y2 Analytics poll published Wednesday had Trump and Clinton tied at 26% and McMullin at 22%.