‘Political Insiders’ Pick McMullin to Carry Utah in November

Evan McMullin 04Most of our “Political Insiders” think Evan McMullin is going to carry Utah’s six electoral votes in November, while a Clinton will finish third in Utah for the second time.

We asked our panel of Republicans, Democrats, along with our readers, to pick the order of finish in Utah among Republican Donald Trump, Democrat Hillary Clinton and independent candidate Evan McMullin. Polls show the three candidates in a dead heat ahead of November’s election.

41% of the Democrats, 37% of Republicans and 36% of our readers expect McMullin to win Utah, followed by Donald Trump and then Hillary Clinton.

35% of Republicans said Trump would win Utah, followed by McMullin and Clinton in third. That finishing order was echoed by 22% of our readers.

23% of the Democrats on our panel said McMullin would win, followed by Clinton with Trump in third place.


Selected anonymous comments:

“Utah will be the only state that does what most people in the country wish – see that Trump and Clinton both lose.”

“I wish we had someone else get 2nd behind McMullin. I wish Clinton and Trump would both get 3rd or worse.”

“This will be the second time in history that a Clinton has finished third in Utah. Bill got even with Utah by creating a national monument. If Hillary were to win the presidency, it would be interesting to see how vindictive she will be.”

“McMuffin for the win!”

“Mitt Romney will make a late endorsement, and that will push McMullin over the finish line first. Those six electoral votes will make McMullin a player (not necessarily the leader) in the post-election reconstruction of the Republican Party.”

“Once we get passed all the histrionics Trump will win Utah handily, Clinton will probably do slightly better than expected but not enough to crow about and McMullin will lose badly but stick around because he thinks he has a chance at Hatch’s Senate seat and that is what he is really all about.”

“If the discussion/choice is only a ‘vote for the lesser of two evils’ the only result will be ‘evil.’ When presented with McMullin, Trump or Clinton, McMullin is far and away the best choice for Utah and the country.”

“How stupid would Utah be to waste their votes on a third-party candidate.”

“While it pains me to say it, it seems clear to me that a significant number of Republicans who are thinking of voting for McMullin will break for Trump when it comes time to vote.”

“I think that McMullin does have a shot at winning in Utah. Could this be one reason the Beehive State is being considered as a swing state? I feel that the Trump and Clinton camps are scared that an independent, especially one with ties to Utah, could beat them here. Our electoral votes are not necessarily a make-or-break proposition. So, that makes for some interesting speculation. Isn’t that what politics thrives on…speculation?”

“McMullin is a godsend for Utah… a chance to send a message to the nation that Utah rejects both of the major party candidates, and that character and values actually matter. Additionally, if Utah votes for a third party candidate, it would have far-reaching impacts after the election, both in how the Republican party assess itself, and in potentially opening the door to the creation of a major third party. Utah may yet find some redemption in this otherwise sleazy election year.”

“Clinton has the best ground operation, and Democrats are doing well in the early voting numbers. Accordingly I I believe that Clinton will win and McMullin will take second. For the first time, the Republican nominee will take 3rd in Utah.”

“I think McMullin will win by a hair. I also doubt he has legs past this election. Voting for McMullin is a symbolic stand against the two major candidates more than a rousing endorsement of him as a person. I would love to see a new conservative party form, but it’s an uphill battle.”

“McMuffin will keep climbing, all to Trump’s detriment, while Clinton just stays right there in the middle. Maybe Democrats can capitalize the *next* time the GOP nominates a repugnant candidate.”

“Clinton and Trump both deserve to lose. That is the appeal of McMullin.”

“As Trump trundles down the likely Utah conservative voter looks for place to land and McMullin is it. Clinton edges to three in ten and barely beats Trump. Democracy slides.”