Democrats, Weinholtz use ‘Mormon Baiting’ to Attack Herbert in Mailer

Weinholtz MailerA Democratic Party mailer suggests Gov. Gary Herbert would be partially responsible for fewer Mormon missionaries in Russia.

The mailer, which started hitting mailboxes this week, has a picture of Vladimir Putin next to Donald Trump over an excerpt from an Associated Press article that says “Fewer Mormon missionaries in Russia due to new law.”

The mailer then goes on to use the transitive property to make a tenuous connection between Herbert’s original support for Donald Trump and Trump’s admiration for Putin.

The mailer is in support of Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Mike Weinholtz.

Herbert is a lock to win another term in the Governor’s mansion. Weinholtz trails Herbert badly in the polls by 39-points. Weinholtz has not gotten any traction among voters, and stuff like this in heavily Mormon Utah is probably not going to help him.

Herbert pulled the same sort of stunt in his 2010 race against Peter Corroon when he suggested Corroon’s call for tougher graduation requirements could lead to the elimination of Mormon Seminary classes. At the time Corroon said, “I would hope the governor is not trying to use the religious race card to divide people in this race.”

Seemingly the Democratic party, which Corroon now leads, is using the same tactics against Herbert.


The Utah Democratic Party would not comment on the use of Mormon missionaries to attack Trump and Herbert but said in an email statement, “Voters need to remember that a vote for Herbert is a vote for Trump, the same as a vote for Pence is a vote for Trump.”

Gary Herbert’s campaign manager Marty Carpenter said, “Unfortunately, at the end of a campaign we see this type of less-than-dignified messaging. The governor does not engage in it, and he is confident Utah voters will see it for exactly what it is.”

The Weinholtz campaign did not return a request for comment.