Poll: About 3 in 10 Utahns Say They’ve Argued About the 2016 Election

Hillary Clinton and Donald TrumpThe divisive 2016 election has sparked fights for about a quarter of Utahns according to a new survey.

The Dan Jones & Associates interviewed Utahns and asked them if they had fought with a family member, friend or co-worker about the election. They found:

  • 27% had argued with a family member
  • 22% had argued with a friend
  • 14 had argued with a co-worker
  • 64% said they had not argued about the election with any of the above.


Those numbers are in line with a national survey from May of this year. In that poll, Huffington Post/YouGov found 26% of Americans had argued with friends, 23% had argued with families, and 11% had argued with co-workers.

Democrats in Utah argued more than their Republican and independent counterparts. That’s probably because of the contentious primary battle between Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, which stretched on almost all the way to the Democratic convention. The Republican race, while divisive, was wrapped up long before that.

  • Only 54% of Democrats say they had not argued about the election.
  • 29% of Democrats said they quarreled with a friend.
  • 28% said they had a verbal altercation with a family member.
  • Only 11% of Democrats said they fought with a co-worker about the election.

Utah Republicans were the least likely to have argued about this year’s election.

  • 70% reported not arguing at all about the election.
  • 24% said they squabbled with family members.
  • 16% replied they had fought with friends.
  • Only 11% had fought with family members.

Political independents kept their fights about politics at home:

  • Nearly a third (31%) said they had argued about politics at home.
  • 24% told us they had argued about politics with a friend.
  • 16% of independents bickered about the election with co-workers.
  • 61% of independents say they had not fought about the election at all.

The Dan Jones & Associates survey was conducted October 12-20, 2016 among 812 Utahns with a margin of error +/- 3.43%.