Morning Must Reads for Monday, November 7, 2016

Good Monday morning from Salt Lake City. Today is the 312th day of the year. There are 54 days left in 2016.

Election Day is just around the corner. The FBI announces they will not bring charges against Hillary Clinton over newly discovered emails. Clinton still has a slight lead over Donald Trump.

The clock:

  • The 2016 presidential election is tomorrow – (11/8/2016)
  • 42 days until the Electoral College meets to cast their votes for president and vice president (12/19/2016)
  • 74 days until Inauguration Day (1/20/2017)
  • 77 days until the first day of the 2017 Utah Legislature – (1/23/2017)
  • 122 days until the final day of the 2017 Utah Legislature – (3/9/2017)

Ten talking points for Monday:

  1. The election is upon us. Here are seven big questions, and possible answers, as Utahns go to the polls [Utah Policy].
  2. As it looks more and more likely that Hillary Clinton will win the White House on Tuesday, most Utahns want Merrick Garland confirmed to the Supreme Court [Utah Policy].
  3. FBI director James Comey announces Hillary Clinton will not face charges over newly discovered emails found on a computer belonging to Anthony Weiner [Huffington Post]. Donald Trump expressed skepticism that the FBI could analyze 650,000 emails in a matter of days. Turns out they can [Wired]. The FBI discovered that almost every single email found on that computer was a duplicate of one they had previously reviewed [Newsweek]. Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he will continue investigating, despite the FBI’s announcement [CBS News].
  4. They’re still polling! Hillary Clinton has a 3-point national lead over Trump [Politico]. New Utah polling shows Donald Trump has a slight lead over Evan McMullin heading into the final stretch [Deseret News, Tribune].
  5. Here’s a remarkable look inside the Donald Trump campaign during the final week before election day. Kep passage: Trump’s advisors finally wrested control of his Twitter account away from him [New York Times]. President Barack Obama mocks Trump for having his Twitter taken away from him saying, “If someone can’t handle a Twitter account, they can’t handle the nuclear codes” [Huffington Post].
  6. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton pen their final pitches to earn your vote on election day. Here’s Trump’s [USA Today]. Here’s Clinton’s [USA Today].
  7. Janet Reno, the first woman to be Attorney General, dies after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease [CNN].
  8. Barack Obama would handily beat Donald Trump while Mitt Romney would cruise to a win over Hillary Clinton according to a poll of a hypothetical matchup [Bloomberg].
  9. Democrats appear to have a slight advantage in early voting in Utah, but many Utahns still haven’t returned their ballots [Tribune].
  10. The state has purchased the land for the new Utah State Prison at a significant discount [Utah Policy, Deseret News, Tribune].

On this day in history:

  • 1805 – The Lewis and Clark Expedition sighted the Pacific Ocean for the first time. They would arrive two weeks later.
  • 1893 – Passage of a referendum made Colorado the first state to grant women the right to vote.
  • 1916 – Republican Jeannette Rankin of Montana became the first woman elected to Congress.
  • 1917 – Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution took place as forces led by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin overthrew the provisional government of Alexander Kerensky.
  • 1962 – Richard M. Nixon, who failed in a bid to become governor of California, held what he called his last press conference, telling reporters, “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.”