James Evans Makes Last-Minute Pitch for Utahns to Vote for Trump

James EvansUtah GOP Chairman James Evans says Republican voters in Utah are “coming home” to Donald Trump.

Evans was a guest on the “I Have Questions with Bryan Schott” podcast. He says despite the surprising popularity of independent candidate Evan McMullin, he’s confident that Utah will end up delivering its six electoral votes to Trump on Tuesday.

“At the end of the day, Utahns are pragmatic, and they’re coming home to vote for Donald Trump because they understand that the choice is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton,” he says. “It’s not possible for a third-party candidate to win the presidency in 2016.”

Evans is referring to the completely outlandish scenario wherein McMullin wins Utah’s six electoral votes, somehow blocking both Trump and Clinton from getting the needed 270 electoral votes to win. That would throw the election to the House.

Evans says McMullin won’t be a factor on Tuesday because there’s a very stark choice for voters.

“I’m optimistic that Trump will win Utah and this is a change election. I think Americans have had enough of the political insider class and the decisions they have made to the detriment of everyday working Americans.”

Polling shows Clinton has a lead over Trump overall heading into election day; Evans says he’s hopeful Trump can pull out a win nationally on Tuesday.

“You see people coming out that are not reflected in the polls because they’re polling likely voters, and a lot of Donald Trump voters are not likely voters. They’ve kinda checked out of the whole process, and now they’re back in because they see something in Donald Trump that other politicians have not stated. I think you’re going to see a landslide, at least I’m hoping, like when Ronald Reagan ran.”