Ethics Commission Issues Order and Recommendation in Juab County Complaint

The Utah Political Subdivision Ethics Commission released an order regarding a citizen complaint against County Recorder Craig Sperry. 

The order and recommendation found part of the complaint had merit while other allegations were unproven by clear and convincing evidence and therefore dismissed. 

The order & recommendation was sent to the Juab County Commission, along with the original complaint and the accused official’s response. 

Commission chair, Paul Warner commented, “The role of the commission is to provide a venue for citizen concerns. We expect all Utah officials to maintain high ethical standards.  If that doesn’t happen there needs to be a competent mechanism to assess the complaints and seek justice.  In this case, we listened carefully and treated both sides fairly.  The report contains our finding – now it is up to the Juab County Commission to take whatever action they deem appropriate.”

The Political Subdivisions Ethics Commission was created in 2013 by SB 180, patterned after the Legislative Ethics Commission created in 2010.  The Executive Branch Ethics Commission was also created in 2013.  This is the first order and recommendation issued by any of the three new commissions.

Information about the ethics commissions and standards of conduct for elected officials can be found at