Rep. Chris Stewart Honors Fallen West Valley City Police Officer in Speech on the House Floor

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) honored the fallen West Valley City Police Officer, Cody Brotherson, in a speech on the House Floor.

You can watch the video here.

Text of the speech is below:

Mr. Speaker, it is with honor but with sadness that I rise today to honor a local hero, 26 year-old West Valley City Police Officer Cody Brotherson, who was killed last week in the line of duty. On Sunday, November 6th around 3 a.m., police were pursuing three individuals in a stolen vehicle. While Officer Brotherson was placing spikes in an attempt to stop this stolen vehicle, he was hit by the car and tragically killed. Not only will he be deeply missed by his parents, two brothers, and loving fiancé, but by the entire community.

I’ve had the chance, like many member of Congress, to go on police ride-a-longs. Again and again, I’ve been impressed with their hard work, professionalism, and their willingness to put themselves at risk so that they can protect those of us that they serve.

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we recognize these brave men and woman who are willing to serve and protect our communities. Cody was one of these brave ones who ultimately lost his life protecting us. My prayers go out to the Brotherson family during this extremely difficult time. We will forever be grateful for his and their sacrifice.

And with that, Mr. Speaker, I yield back.