Book: Lee Tried to Broker a Cruz/Rubio Presidential Ticket

Oh, what could have been. Mike LeeA forthcoming book about the 2016 presidential election details how Utah Sen. Mike Lee tried to convince Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to form a “unity ticket” to block Donald Trump.

The book, “Unprecedented: The Election that Changed Everything,” from CNN details how Lee desperately tried to get Cruz and Rubio to join forces to keep Trump from winning the GOP nomination. However, Rubio balked at the idea.

“Cruz was serious enough about the alliance that he authorized Sen. Mike Lee of Utah to go to Miami ahead of the CNN debate there on March 10 to help work out a deal,” the authors write.
“I think the two of them as running mates would have been unstoppable,” Lee later told CNN. “They would have united the party.”
Though Rubio was initially open to the unity idea, according to two sources familiar with the talks, he declined the meeting with Lee, who bought the ticket at his own expense.
“I don’t think I can do this,” Rubio told Lee, according to one of the sources. “I don’t think I can back out and not be a presidential candidate prior to the primary in Florida.”