Bishop: Trump Could Roll Back Bears Ears Monument

Rob BishopRep. Rob Bishop suggested last week that President-Elect Trump could undo any national monument designation made by outgoing President Barack Obama.


Many Utahns expect Obama to designate the Bears Ears area a national monument before he leaves office in November. Bishop has been pushing his PLI as an alternative way to balance land management and resource extraction on public lands while avoiding a monument designation.

From Politico:

House Natural Resources Chairman Rob Bishop wants President-elect Trump to rescind Obama’s national monument designations and isn’t concerned that such a move would be unprecedented: “It’s never been done before and that’s why people are saying, ‘you can’t do it.’ Of course you can do it. It’s always been implied,” the Utah Republican said. 

President Obama has used the Antiquities Act more than any U.S. President in history, expanding and declaring dozens of monuments during his time in office.

The Daily Caller notes any effort to change a monument designation depends on who Trump picks to head the Department of the interior. polling finds most Utahns are opposed to Obama making Bears Ears a new monument.