‘Political Insiders’ Share What They’re Thankful For in Politics

blue 05The holidays are a season for giving thanks for the things that are important in our lives. We asked our “Political Insiders” and readers what they are thankful for in politics this year.

Here are some of the best responses:

“I’m thankful for the irrelevance of the caucus system and the political courage of all who played a role in giving candidates an alternative path to the ballot. It’s the single biggest and most positive change to our election system in decades.”

“I am thankful that we get a couple of months of not having to watch any campaign commercials. It will start all over this spring when Mayoral and city council elections get into full swing.”

“That there are brave women and men that will put everything on the line to serve our community state and country. Running for office is not for the faint of heart. Everyone who enters the ring of public scrutiny is truly doing something that most human beings will never do in their life.”

“I’m thankful for my friends in the League of Women Voters of Utah who study, document and lobby on issues, educate and register voters and remain strictly non-partisan.”

“That a few members of the self-anointed “intellectual elite” and Oligarchs, are starting to understand Main Street America. Wanting a balanced budget does not make one a racist. Wanting to choose your doctor does not make you a racist. Not wanting to get into the mess of Aleppo, Syria, does not make you a racist. Not wanting to fight Russia over Latvia does not make you a racist. Wanting local control of education does not make you a racist.”

“Mostly that the election is over. I don’t hold out any hope that the divisiveness is over.”

“I’m thankful for a President who is dedicated to a timely and successful transition of power. Regardless of how you feel about his politics, President Obama deserves the sincerest thanks for his leadership and steady hand over the past eight years.”

“I hope we can all survive the next four years of human hatred that emanates from Trump and the rest of the haters that support him.”

“That there is to be a Republican sweep; Congress, Senate, President! Now let’s get the Supreme Court back into balance.”

“I am thankful for those able to appreciate the good in their political foes, and those willing to revel in their friendships, regardless of how their friends vote.”

“I’m thankful that the divisive and nasty election has continued down to the local level where Senator Jim Dabakis is now attacking his Democratic colleagues. (Said with sarcasm.)”

“I am thankful for an all-Republican Congressional delegation, a Republican super majority in the Utah Legislature, and the fact that Republicans hold the White House, U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate. This is definitely a red holiday season.”

“Thankful that we live in a country where the little guy outsider can still on take on the establishment and the media and survive and win.”

“I am thankful the presidential election only happens once every four years. We would suffer permanent brain damage if it were more often.”

“I’m thankful for so many newly registered voters.”

“I’m thankful that despite popular opinion, there are good people in politics who want to do the right things for the right reasons. There are plenty of exceptions, of course. But in my experience, they are the exceptions, and thankfully not the rule.”

“I’m thankful for everyone who voted. Not enough of us do.”

“No more Clintons.”

“I’m grateful for state and local politicians who are some of the kindest, most dedicated souls I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I’m grateful to have been a part of the combined efforts that have brought the SafeUT app to thousands of Utah kids. It’s saving lives.”

“I am thankful the Republicans in Utah are thoughtful and caring about all the people here who do not have health insurance. I am thankful there are no outside interests demanding the state prison be moved to make way for massive development and real estate profits and that the new prison will absolutely not sink into the swamp it will be built on.”

“I am thankful for those who choose to be honest and have integrity despite the consequences.”

“Thankful it’s over for now.”

“That the election is over! That there are good and moral people in both parties, and that I am privileged to know some of them. That politics is fleeting, while ‘real life’ is eternal.”