Local Headlines 11-28-16

Salt Lake Tribune

Paul Rolly: LaVar Christensen’s return to the House means painful days for Utah legislators

Op-ed: Benefits of Dakota pipeline have been lost in protest debate

Op-ed: Facts show Utah schools don’t need a big tax increase

Editorial: Don’t let charters cherry-pick profitable students

Editorial: Impending move of Utah State Prison provides opportunities and risks

After unusual election, lawmakers draft pile of bills seeking to make changes

Airport expansion costs soar another $350 million to $2.9 billion

Hillyard replaced after 12 years as budget chairman

Utah faces two-pronged challenge: developing the current and new prison sites

Coal crush: Iconic Carbon Power Plant being dismantled this week

Utah looks to build upscale redrock resort near Glen Canyon

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Utah politicos’ heartfelt expressions of gratitude

Op-ed: A new economic dialogue can emerge from our fiery election season

A. Scott Anderson: Now is the time to reform the U.S. health care system

Editorial: Herbert can accomplish much in education this term

Utah high school graduation rates rise again, to 85 percent in 2016

Governor helps serve Thanksgiving dinner at the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake

Utah Senate announces new committee leadership

Will Chaffetz committee continue to probe Clinton?

Lawmakers consider ‘abortion reversal’ bill

Fidel Castro’s death should be celebrated, Utahns say

Millcreek leaders have hands full prepping for new city


Cache County sets new record for voter turnout in 2016 election (Logan Herald Journal)

Public shares concerns with Cache County Council regarding proposed tax increase (Logan Herald Journal)