Pay Dispute Roils Washington GOP

The Washington State GOP cut the pay of their new Chair by $20K. The problem? The old chair was a man while the new chair is a woman.

Mother Jones says Susan Hutchinson is asking for equal pay, which has touched off a firestorm among Republicans in that state.

Originally, the pay cut was justified by a budget shortfall, but an internal memo says the change violated the party’s bylaws.

Last week, prior to sending the memo, Hutchinson met with the committee and asked them to raise her salary to match that of her predecessor, Kirby Wilbur. But, according to the memo, her request was denied and it “soured” the committee’s mood.

“I left the meeting demoralized, and so did my hardworking staff,” she wrote. “I heard that some of you felt beat up and angry, while others were very pleased. This kind of division over something so minor is not what will move us forward.” Hutchinson added that she has already raised $22,000 for the party from her personal contacts, “which more than covers” the raise she requested.