National Headlines 11-29-16

Trump to begin ‘thank you tour’ with Ohio event this week (The Hill)

Islamic State says Ohio State attacker was its ‘soldier,’ school seeks unity as classes resume (Washington Post)

‘Ready for Michelle’ PACs urge 2020 run (The Hill)

After Democrats’ Losses, Nancy Pelosi Becomes a Symbol of What Went Wrong (New York Times)

Donald Trump and Mitt Romney continue their high-stakes courtship over frog legs in Manhattan (Los Angeles Times)

After Trump pledged to keep Carrier jobs in U.S, company says it won’t move nearly 1,000 to Mexico (Washington Post)

Steven Mnuchin Is Donald Trump’s Expected Choice for Treasury Secretary (New York Times)

Trump to pick billionaire Wilbur Ross as Commerce secretary (Politico)

Standing Rock Protesters Warned Of Fines As North Dakota Tightens Grip (Huffington Post)

Law Professor: Trump Can’t Hold Lease On His Hotel Near White House (NPR)

EPA Begins Process to Regulate Toxic, Widely Used Chemicals (Associated Press)