Hatch Statement on Announcement of Intent to Nominate Steven Mnuchin to Head Treasury Department

U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee which oversees the Treasury Department, issued the following statement after President-elect Donald Trump announced his intent to nominate Steven Mnuchin to serve as its Secretary:

“Rebuilding the American economy with a focus on enhancing opportunities and paychecks for workers and middle-class families will poise our country for a new era of growth and prosperity. Steven Mnuchin will be central to helping the Republican-led Congress advance meaningful reforms that will reignite the economy with innovation, investment and job creation. Given the depth and breadth of Steven’s private sector experience, he will play a pivotal role in bicameral efforts to revamp the nation’s outdated tax code to create a healthier economic environment for American businesses and families here at home. We will also depend on his leadership to bring greater fiscal responsibility and strengthen the nation’s struggling entitlement programs. We have a real opportunity to lay the path needed to spur economic growth and put more Americans back to work. With a singular and storied pedigree, I look forward to having Mr. Mnuchin before the Finance Committee to further examine his vast qualifications for one of the cabinet’s most important positions in the New Year.”