National Headlines 11-30-16

Red-state Dems face tough votes on Trump picks (The Hill)

Goldman Says Trump’s Presidency Will Benefit Stocks in Almost Every Sector (Bloomberg)

The hopes and fears inside Foggy Bottom about a Secretary Petraeus (Foreign Policy)

Democrats, skip the civil war (The Washington Post)

Pelosi fends off challenge to leadership (The Hill)

Sarah Palin for Veterans Affairs? A Wrestling Impresario for Small Business? (New York Times)

Bob Dylan skips Nobel Prize meeting with President Obama (Associated Press)

White House pressing Cuba to secure deals with GE, Google (MarketWatch)

Oil Surges on OPEC Deal to Cut Production (Wall Street Journal)

Trump eyeing Goldman Sachs exec Gary Cohn for OMB Director (New York Daily News)

Trump puts companies on notice with Carrier deal (The Hill)