Bears Ears Coalition & Interior Department Ignore Invitations to Collaborate with Utah Lawmakers

Representatives Rob Bishop (UT-01) and Jason Chaffetz (UT-03) have asked the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition, as well as the Department of the Interior, for proposed co-management language to be added to the Utah Public Lands Initiative Act (PLI).

The coalition has refused to provide any language and, in a recent communication, refused to collaborate on the issue.

Rep. Bishop personally called the Secretary of the Interior, and in a September 14th hearing of the Subcommittee on Federal Lands, Bishop reiterated his desire to hear from the Department of the Interior with suggested legislative language for co-management within PLI. The Department of the Interior has yet to respond. Members of Utah’s congressional delegation sent letters (Nov 2nd & 18th) to the co-chairmen and members of the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition seeking potential language to implement a co-management system.

Congressmen Bishop & Chaffetz issued the following statements:

Bishop: “It’s important for Congress to protect this area because the stated goals of the administration cannot be done with an executive order. Only a change in statute can accomplish these goals. I like the idea of co-management. The president, with or without the Antiquities Act, cannot produce it. We are committed to doing it. My office has now written draft language to create a system of co-management.

“It is frustrating that efforts to work with people who claim a great interest in this area are continuously rebuffed with arguments that parrot special interest groups. Ironically, if this group is banking on a monument, they will never get the co-management they want. We’re willing to give it to them. Why can’t they just say yes?”

Chaffetz: “The President’s promise of co-management between the tribes and the federal government cannot be gained through executive action. Only Congress can authorize such agreements.”

Co-management would grant authority to Native Americans to share power in the decision-making process. The law does not currently allow for co-management, and the President has no power to deliver it through executive order, even through the Antiquities Act. Only Congress can make this happen.    

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