National Headlines 12-6-16

After blowback, NYT public editor walks back criticism of reporters (The Hill)

After ObamaCare: Insurers look to GOP for help (The Hill)

Ohio governor tells electors not to vote for him over Trump (Washington Post)

Law Firm Offering Free Legal Advice To Electors Who Don’t Want To Vote For Trump (Huffington Post)

Why Joe Biden won’t rule out running for president again (Washington Post)

Pentagon plays down report on cost-cutting study (Washington Post)

Democrats: McConnell Fix for Miners’ Health Care Inadequate (New York Times)

Trump announces Japanese corporate giant is investing $50 billion in the U.S. (Washington Post)

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes: Democrats, not Donald Trump, are the real ‘threat to the First Amendment’ (Recode)

Tribe’s leader asks Dakota pipeline protesters to go home (The Hill)

Donald Trump Invites Tech Leaders to a Meeting (Wall Street Journal)