Press Release: Put Your Meter Where Your House Is

The Utah Division of Water Resources announced Wednesday that the Board of Water Resources unanimously approved a new program which will loan up to $3 million per year, at one percent interest, for secondary water meter installations.

“This is an engineering solution that promotes water use efficiency. The technology to meter secondary water without mechanical issues has now been well-tested, and we are excited to add a tool to the toolbox as we continue working towards our goal to achieve universal secondary water metering,” said Todd Stonely, Investigations Manager at the Division.

Faye Rutishauser, State Water Conservation Coordinator, highlighted that the program reflects the support seen from Gov. Gary Herbert for water conservation, and a recent concurrent resolution passed by the state legislature “Encouraging Universal Metering of Water Systems.”

“True water conservation is about gallons saved. The areas that have installed meters have seen as much as a 40 percent decrease in water use,” Rutishuaser said. “We are excited about the board’s decision to move forward with this program.”

The loan duration will not exceed 5 years less than the warranty of the meter. The Board will require either an educational component on the billing statement and/or that the entity charge based on water use with a tiered conservation rate in order to receive funding. The Division will work with entities to promote the implementation of best practices in order to ensure the greatest water efficiency and conservation benefits.

Organizations interested in the new program should contact Todd Stonely, Investigations Manager at the Utah Division of Water Resources:[email protected].