Candidate Suzanne Harrison Concedes to Rep. LaVar Christensen Will Not Pursue Further Action in HD32 Recount

After this week’s recount in the Utah House District 32 race between Rep. LaVar Christensen and Democratic challenger and first-time candidate Suzanne Harrison, MD, Dr. Harrison has decided not to pursue further action to challenge the recount.

Before the recount, Rep. Christensen led the race by three votes. Three previously uncounted ballots were added and a number of others were updated during the recount process, which concluded with Rep. Christensen winning by five votes. Thirty-two ballots were not counted due to missing or unmatched signatures.

“I want to congratulate Representative Christensen, and I wish him well as he continues to represent the people of our district in the state legislature,” said Dr. Harrison. “Thank you to my family, friends, supporters and all those who volunteered and gave of their time and resources to help me during this campaign. I’d also like to thank the staff members in the County Clerk’s office for their commitment to making sure every vote counted. My campaign was able to observe the recount process and are satisfied with the accuracy of the results. If we have learned anything in this election it’s the importance of every vote. Thank you to the more than 17,000 voters who made their voices heard in HD32. Thank you for welcoming me, my family, and our volunteers at your doorstep. I look forward to continuing to work with you to make our HD32 community a better place for all our families.”