Office of the State Auditor Completes Single Audit of Federal Funds Received by State

The Office of the State Auditor released its Single Audit Report of the expenditures of federal funds by the State of Utah. 

The audit report covers the State’s compliance with federal regulations governing the use of federal funds.  The $4.375 billion in federal funds spent in fiscal year 2016 represents 22.6% of the State’s total fiscal year 2016 expenditures of $19.336billion.  Federal funds are a major source of funding for the State of Utah. The Office has also distilled the spending information into two simple charts. The first graph shows the historical percentage of Utah expenditures from federal transfers. The second graph illustrates the rate of growth of total state expenditures and of federal transfers. State expenditures are shown in blue on the left axis of the graph in billions of dollars and federal transfers received by the State are shown in red on the right axis.  

The report may be found on the Office’s website,, and specifically at . 

The graphs may be found at