New Year’s Resolutions in Utah Politics

New Years ResolutionNow that 2016 is in the rear view mirror, we asked our “Political Insiders” and readers to make some New Year’s resolutions for someone or something in Utah politics.

Here are some of the best.

“New Year’s Resolution for Utah Republican Party: Find a Chairman intent on supporting the average Republican Party member instead of the fringe members. News Year’s Resolution for the Democratic Party become relevant.”

“Governor Gary R. Herbert: I resolve to have my staff thoroughly sweep the room for recording devices before I solicit campaign donations.”

“That Utah politicians put the interests of the public above those who finance their campaigns.”

“For Sen Mike Lee to serve as a check on the Trump Administration. May he and other sensible senators serve in this role with distinction.”

“Orrin Hatch: Resolve to keep your word not to run for an 8th (eighth!!!!) term.”

“Rep. Rob Bishop will pass his long awaited PLI in 2017.”

“That honesty and integrity would prevail over party and politics.”

“My New Year’s resolution is to keep the Utah GOP from going full retard. You never go full retard…ask the Democrats, and the GOP is dangerously close.”

“That planning commissions and city councils will stop playing God.”

“More statesmanship, less grandstanding.”

“Effin McMuffin (Evan McMullin) will be announcing his intent to run for US Senate, and people will actually take him seriously.”

“The Utah GOP will finally understand what is meant by the term “separation of church and state.”

“Utah State Senate and House of Representatives Leadership: Meet with and apologize to the elected officers of the Utah Education Association for their serious lapses of judgment in the past and have a meaningful dialogue about the actual needs of Utah’s students and teachers. Then, resolve and strive to keep respectful communication open in the future with UEA and all education stake-holders and act like they have the best interests of Utah’s school children at heart. Before I wake from my dream, have the resolution to do so passed by both houses and etched on a granite monument somewhere on the State Capitol grounds to stand for all time.”

“Ken Ivory resolves to find a real job instead of using his elected position to lobby.”

“My resolution is to survive the new federal administration by no longer reading or listening to current events news. Between the people being appointed and the unpredictable positions taken by our new President, it is impossible for me to view the coming year with equanimity if I stay up-to-date.”

“My hope is that the 2017 Utah general legislative session is notable for how little crazy occurs.”

“The Republican Party resolves to finally pay its debts. Senator Hatch resolves (again) to retire – but doesn’t carry through with it.”

“My wish for 2017 is that the Utah GOP leaders will begin acting like adults, paying their bills & stop suing to get their own sweet way.”

“To the Utah Legislature: stop piddling around with minimal support for education, and make a truly significant effort to change the funding of public education.”

“Make sure Trump doesn’t become like Putin. Reduce Alcohol Laws in Utah from 300 to 20 pages. No more tax increases.”

“I will continue to pray for Curt Bramble to go away and never come back……much like his parents must have every day when he was sent off to school.”

“The Utah State Legislature–I resolve to do the very best for Utah’s school children and working uninsured poor and to quit dragging my feet on medical marijuana.”

“That President-elect Trump be humble enough to truly repent and seek forgiveness for words and deeds that have offended, and that we who are not entitled to judge be humble enough to truly forgive.”