Inversion Mitigation Initiative to Help Businesses Improve Utah’s Air Quality

The Salt Lake Chamber, in partnership with the Utah Clean Air Partnership and TravelWise, launched an Inversion Mitigation Initiative encouraging business leaders to engage employees in simple, voluntary actions that decrease vehicle emissions during the winter inversion season.

“Periods of inversion are inevitable this time of year. And while we can’t change when they come and go, businesses and their employees have the ability to make smart choices about limiting the emissions they release,” said Lane Beattie, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber. “This initiative illustrates the positive impact Utah’s business community can have as we unite to make changes in our actions and company cultures. I invite businesses and employees statewide to participate and make a difference in addressing Utah’s air quality challenges.”

Poor air quality can negatively affect company and employee recruitment, increase healthcare costs, place regulatory burdens on business and even put Utah’s federal highway funding at risk. By making decisions that improve air quality, businesses and employees will help to strengthen our economy and prevent these negative outcomes.  

By completing an online form and selecting which TravelWise strategies their business will implement, companies who participate in the Inversion Mitigation Initiative will be considered a Salt Lake Chamber Clean Air Champion. Clean Air Champions are companies that show dedication to our state’s well-being and benefit from bottom-line savings, enhanced employee health and morale, and recognition among business community peers.

The Chamber’s initiative will highlight and recognize these businesses efforts by sharing best practices and success stories. For example, Penna Powers has implemented several clean air strategies like carpooling, transit passes, and teleworking into their office culture. This videohighlights how easy it is to apply clean air strategies at work and serves as a resource to help other businesses get started.

The Salt Lake Chamber has a long history of working toward solving air quality issues. We believe that as the Utah business community works together and continues to take the lead to improve our air quality, we can collectively reduce the negative effects of inversion and improve the wellbeing of all Utahns.

For more information about the Inversion Mitigation Initiative and the Chamber’s Clean Air Champions program, visit