Westminster Hosts a Lecture ‘Hack My Org: How to (Finally) Kill Bureaucracy’

Westminster College’s Center for Innovative Cultures presents a lecture by Gary Hamel, “Hack My Org: How to (Finally) Kill Bureaucracy,” on Jan. 26, 2017, at 6 p.m., in the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business auditorium.

Gary Hamel, renowned management expert, will outline four key steps for busting bureaucracy and setting human beings free at work. What Hamel calls “bureausclerosis” is costing more than $9 trillion in lost economic output. While he says no leader would admit to being pro-bureaucracy, few have a plan for defeating it. Gary Hamel does.

Hamel is the author of 17 Harvard Business Review articles and bestsellers “The Future of Management” and “What Matters Now.” He is ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the “world’s most influential business thinker” and described by Fortune magazine as “the world’s leading expert on business strategy.” 

The lecture is free and open to the public. Register online at http://conta.cc/2h4AN90 to secure seating. Sponsored by the Kahlert Foundation.