Utah’s Business Community Commits to Clean Air

Last week, the Chamber launched its “Inversion Mitigation Initiative” to show the collective impact Utah’s business community can have in keeping our air clean by committing to clean air strategies like teleworking, riding transit, carpooling or upgrading fleets and stopping idling.

This initiative aims to remind businesses that although we can’t control when the inversions come and go, we can make decisions that reduce their negative effects on Utahns health and our environment.

We want to highlight the great strides taken by businesses all over Utah to implement clean air strategies and effectively help keep our air clean, save their company money, and improve our state’s economic development. Today, we have Steve Sands from Rio Tinto Kennecott with us to share what Rio Tinto has done to help improve Utah’s air quality and give us some tips on how businesses can get involved in making a difference for our air.