National Headlines 1-17-17

How a liberal Santa Monica high school produced a top Trump advisor and speechwriter (Los Angeles Times)

CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill Denounces Fellow Panelist as ‘Mediocre Negro’ For Defending Trump (Mediaite)

WikiLeaks celebrates Chelsea Manning’s commutation (CNN)

The Republican Health-Care Debate (National Review)

France urges Trump to stay committed to world (Associated Press)

10 years ago today Obama made a huge promise. He didn’t keep it. (Washington Post)

Who has Donald Trump’s ear? (CNN)

Chinese president defends globalization, free trade (The Hill)

Britain to leave EU market as May sets ‘hard Brexit’ course (Reuters)

UnitedHealth is positioning for growth amid Obamacare uncertainty (CNBC)

Boeing CEO touts ‘progress’ with Trump on Air Force One costs (The Hill)