National Headlines 1-22-17

Trump may not enforce individual health insurance mandate (Reuters)

Trump inauguration ratings second biggest in 36 years (Entertainment Weekly)

Trump invites Netanyahu to Washington for visit: White House (Reuters)

What to expect in Trump’s first 100 days (Los Angeles Times)

Why Jared Kushner’s appointment doesn’t violate anti-nepotism laws (Christian Science Monitor)

George HW Bush, Barbara Bush Making Strong Recoveries, Spokesman Says (NBC News)

GOP Senators Hope to Speed Trump Cabinet Confirmations (New York Times)

How Trump’s proposals may affect every income tax bracket (CNBC)

Trump Team Welcomes ‘Alternative Facts’ in Assault on Media (Newsweek)

Trump’s first executive action: Cancel Obama’s mortgage premium cuts (USA Today)

Trump’s victory creates uncertainty for wind and solar power (Washington Post)