Love Condemns Obama’s Last-minute Funding of Terrorism

Rep. Mia Love joined Chairman Pearce of the Subcommittee on Terrorism and Illicit Finance and other Members of the Financial Services Committee condemned President Obama’s final hour action sending $221 million to the Palestinian Authority.

“President Obama, despite Congressional opposition, provided over $200 million to a known terrorist entity in his final hours of office,” said Pearce. “This horrendous action flies in the face of the security and safety of our armed forces and citizens living abroad. Hamas, the governing party of the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip, has been a foreign terrorist organization since President Clinton designated the organization in 1997. Time and again, our nation and the global community have seen Hamas commit violence and terror against innocent bystanders. President Obama’s final action is truly unconscionable. – Chairman Steve Pearce

“Apparently, the past 8 years were not long enough for the Obama administration to waste taxpayer dollars and promote failed Middle East policies. In the final hours of his administration, President Obama felt compelled to continue his rudderless foreign policies by sending over $200 million to Palestine. We should recognize that a substantial amount of this funding will likely end up supporting violence and other terrorist efforts by Hamas. While I am disappointed with his decision, I am grateful that we are moving forward with a new administration that will dramatically improve America’s strategic posture around the globe. – Vice-Chairman Robert Pittenger

“The Obama Administration spent eight years weakening relationships with our allies and capitulating to enemies of freedom. Unfortunately, they felt that the best way to cement that legacy was to send hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to a governing body that “welcome[s] every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem.” They did so despite a Congressional hold on the funds, and knowing that the Palestinian Authority finances terrorism. This shameful action not only endangers the men and women who risk their lives to fight terrorism, but also threatens the lives of Israeli civilians. We must immediately work to repair the damage done to our relationship with Israel and double-down on our efforts to combat terrorist financing.” – Rep. Mia Love

“In his final days in office, President Obama rammed through a massive and destructive shift in United States foreign policy through an anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel United Nations resolution. Through his final action as Commander in Chief, President Obama, despite opposition from Congress, provided over $200 million in funding to the Palestinian Authority – a known terrorist entity that financially rewards families for violent terrorist crimes against innocent Americans and Israelis. Under the new administration, we must stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel, a beacon of freedom and liberty in a very dark region of the world. The United States must also pursue a better and more consistent foreign policy: one that strengthens our relationships with our allies and treats our adversaries as our adversaries.” – Rep. Lee Zeldin