Is Google+ Worth It? Probably Not

UtahPolicy’s Jared Whitley says maybe it’s time to pull the plug on Google+.

Whitley writes at Buzzfeed that all of the effort Google is putting into promoting their social platform really isn’t worth it.

We’re not interested in Google+. We’re never going to be. We like Facebook. We also like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit. Those guys just get us – they’re not so needy and they give us space to breathe. Sometimes, we only want 140 characters worth of a relationship. We don’t want someone who tries to force us to update our status whenever we just want to check our email.

Things obviously aren’t sparking the way you’d like them to, and it’s making you even needier. In arecent survey of social media activity, Google+ lost to “Other.” That’s like running for student body president and losing to “This school sucks” and “Bart Simpson” – it’s not a sign that you should just run again next year. It’s a sign you should settle for chess club president.