Bill seeks to criminalize ‘harassing’ farm animals

CowsThis is like no cow-tipping times three.

Rep. Scott Chew, R-Jensen, a rancher, has introduced a bill that will make it a crime to “intentionally,” “knowingly,” and “recklessly” chasing livestock with an ATV, a dog, or a drone.

I mean, come on, man. What are bored rural teenagers supposed to do on a Saturday night?

Stand at the fence line and yell: “Go, little cow, Go!”

Urban legislators – and most of them are – are regularly told they just don’t understand the problems of rural Utah.

And Chew’s HB217 probably falls in that category.

The penalty under Chew’s bill for such livestock disturbance is the same as “harassment” of livestock, a law already on the books.

But I couldn’t find that penalty, sorry.