Recently Released Data Compares Utah’s Dismal Education Funding

By Kim Burningham 

I have written much in the past about Utah’s abysmal education funding record, and I wanted to make sure you were all aware of the figures released this past week which have the same dismal report.
The National Center for Education Statistics published its annual report Revenues and Expenditures for Public Elementary and Secondary Education: School Year 2010-11.

The data again shows that Utah is in last place for per-pupil expenditure, spending $6,326 compared to the national average of $10,658, or about 59 percent of the national average..

About 64 percent of Utah’s education spending goes to instruction, compared to 61 percent nationally.  Sometimes critics complain about money spent on school district administration, but the report reveals Utah spends less on general administration than all other states except Hawaii, which has but one school district.

The same report will also show you state spending over time in inflation-adjusted dollars, a look at facilities construction costs, and debt.