National Headlines 2-13-17

New York Times Reporter Reprimanded for ‘Hooker’ Comment About Melania Trump (Hollywood Reporter)

Republicans’ Struggles to Replace Obamacare Feel Like Deja Vu All Over Again (Bloomberg)

20% of dams in populated areas lack emergency plan (USA Today)

Immigration authorities arrested 680 people in raids last week (Washington Post)

David Duke gives ringing endorsement to Rep. Keith Ellison for DNC chair (Washington Times)

Right set to fight back on town hall protests (The Hill)

Democrats’ Quandary on Gorsuch: Appease the Base or Honor the Process (New York Times)

Senate confirms Mnuchin as treasury secretary (Washington Post)

Federal judge rejects request to block Dakota Access pipeline — for now (Washington Post)

Mexico ready to retaliate by hurting American corn farmers (CNNMoney)

The woman behind the boycott that is pressuring retailers to dump the Trumps (Washington Post)