Downtown Rising action plan

Local leaders unveiled the 2017 Downtown Rising Action Plan at the Eccles Theater, one of the signature projects identified in the original Downtown Rising plan, launched in 2007.

“The Eccles Theater is helping to transform our community and cement downtown Salt Lake City as the cultural core for the entire region,” said Salt Lake Chamber president & CEO Lane Beattie. “This incredible space, built through the vision, leadership and commitment of so many, is an outgrowth of Downtown Rising, the vision we launched for our community ten years ago.”

Today’s progress report and action plan outlines emerging trends and identifies key objectives for continued downtown development. The 2017 report can be downloaded here:

“Downtown Rising is unique because it is not a government-led initiative for city planning,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski. “Instead, it is an aspirational plan that includes the best thinking of developers, the business community, individual citizens and political leaders.”  

The report identifies emerging trends that include:

  • Residential growth

  • The growth of the technology industry in downtown

  • A youthful workforce

  • Cultural investments like the Eccles Theater

  • Investments in our sports and entertainment district at The Gateway and Vivint Smart Home Arena

  • Salt Lake City’s role as a world destination with the reconstruction of our international airport as well as a vibrant refugee and immigrant community.  

“Ten years ago when community leaders launched the original Downtown Rising vision, we listed eight signature projects, including three projects that are currently underway: a year round public market to help bring energy to the west side of our downtown, a convention center hotel and a sports and fitness center. We continue to make progress on these catalytic projects,” said Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams. “Today we are proud to announce seven new priorities for downtown’s development. These projects will help to build community and our downtown economy.”

The seven new priorities released today are:

  • A sports and entertainment district that benefits The Gateway and Vivint Smart Home Arena

  • A cultural core place making and programming effort

  • Investment in transportation

  • A digital media and arts center

  • A downtown school for K-8

  • Reinvesting in Pioneer Park with infrastructure and a public private management plan

  • A technology campus

“We don’t intend to put this action plan on a shelf.  Just like downtown, this plan is a living document,” said Downtown Alliance executive director Jason Mathis. “It lays out our ambitions and best thinking at this moment in time.  But we reserve the right to make changes to the plan as our city evolves, based on new needs, updated information, best practices and even better thinking.”

The Downtown Rising Action Plan released today will continue to evolve as downtown’s needs change. Downtown Rising is a consensus-driven, business-led strategy for prioritization and planning that will be updated annually.