Local Headlines 2-16-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Bill to give teachers at low-income schools a bonus clears Utah House committee without a vote to spare

Holladay City leaders propose taking a pledge to pay online sales taxes

Utah House votes to ban considering race, gender when nominating judges

Salt Lake City vision includes public market, streetcar

Senate poised to OK removing party diversity rules from state boards

Business coalition forms to defend ‘noncompete’ clauses

Street-legal ATVs could be coming to Salt Lake County roads

Proposal would allow local sales-tax hike for roads, not transit

Bill would require elected city leaders to reside in their city

Muslims, Mormons viewed more favorably in America today than in 2014, survey finds

Johnson ‘can’t answer’ in Swallow trial, will get another chance Thursday

Deseret News

Kirk Jowers: SB 235: An innovative public-private partnership is already having a real impact

Op-ed: Income tax hike would kill jobs

Dan Liljenquist: Leaks from the intelligence community

Natalie Gochnour: Invest in rural Utah to help with public land disagreements

Hannah C. Smith: Hannah C. Smith: Sen. Hatch is key to Gorsuch’s confirmation

Jay Evensen: Raising taxes on food is a bad idea

Editorial: Be friends, not enemies, in trying to keep Outdoor Retailer show in Utah

‘You’re getting warmer’ — Pew studies Americans’ feelings toward religious groups, including Mormons

Jay Evensen: Should Utah end the guessing game for drinkers?

Is Salt Lake City one of the country’s healthiest places?

Downtown Rising wish list revealed, includes a new school

Bill pushes for street-legal OHV use in Salt Lake County

Substance abuse treatment, intervention bill on hold

Bill removes gender, race from judicial nomination process

Salary bonuses proposed for teachers in high-poverty schools

Chaffetz calling for investigation of ‘mishandling’ of classified information in reporting on Trump

Jeremy Johnson jailed for contempt after refusing to testify in Swallow trial

League of Cities and Towns trust should have been terminated in 2012, agreement says

Pressure over public lands pushes effort to move Outdoor Retailer show from Utah


Peterson fielded broad range of questions at Wednesday’s town hall (Standard-Examiner)