Local Headlines 2-17-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Time to end Utah’s school grading system

Can 12-year-old truly consent to sex? Question stalls Utah bill

Guv’s water advisers take their work out of public view

Utah House votes to eliminate vehicle safety inspections

‘Zion Curtain’ bill could be released on Friday, sponsor says

Gehrke: Legislature may exact a toll for Facebook failure, but the poor get stung again

Rolly: Salt Lake City honors its last Republican mayor, who served four decades ago

Push to ban paid signature gathering halted after state lawyers warn it is unconstitutional

Outdoor Retailer convention leaving Utah, a move Herbert calls ‘offensive’

State School Board would lose ability to reject new charters under bill OK’d by committee

Senate panel OKs marijuana research bill

Police investigating BB gun pellets fired into Utah state legislator’s living room window

State earned income tax credit again proposed for working poor

Former Utah real estate guru Rick Koerber will represent himself against Ponzi scheme allegations

Senate committee supports lesser penalties for school truancy

Johnson clams up again at Swallow trial, finds himself back in the slammer

Don’t hold town-hall meetings, Utah GOP leader says; Chaffetz disagrees

Deseret News

Editorial: HB364 strives to strike needed balance

Bill to end required vehicle safety inspections motors forward

Utah one step closer to approving local research of medical marijuana

Legislature supports statewide suicide crisis hotline

Lawmaker seeks to set criminal standards for parental kidnapping

Letter grades for schools? ‘Assessment/Accountability 2.0’ bill advances

New organization formed to challenge noncompete bill

Statewide Election Day registration bill halted in House committee

Key witness Jeremy Johnson continues silence in Swallow trial

Utah GOP chairman advises congressional delegation avoid holding town halls

Monumental decision: Outdoor Retailer show leaving Salt Lake after meeting with governor over Bears Ears

Bill authorizing state auditor to freeze funds rushes through Legislature


Bill allowing for continuous protective orders passes out of House committee (Daily Herald)

Provo leaders worried about state legislation that would allow short-term rentals (Daily Herald)

Committee approves research bill for cannabis extracts, which moves on to Senate (Daily Herald)

Utah GOP asks congressional leaders to delay town hall meetings, citing ‘intimidation and violence’ (Daily Herald)