Local Headlines 2-21-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Gun bills on Capitol Hill undermine the sanctity of life

Op-ed: Utah needs earned-income tax credit to break poverty cycle

Op-ed: Separate drinking from driving by lowering legal limit

Holly Richardson: Adding sales tax on food will leave some Utah families hungry

Op-ed: Fixing broken immigration policy is our bipartisan dream

Op-ed: Our economy can’t handle tax hike, and schools show they don’t need it

Op-ed: Raise taxes on top earners for desperately needed school dollars

Editorial: Utah’s lower sales tax rate on groceries should remain

Panhandling … er, pedestrian safety … bill advances in Utah Senate

Utah homeowner associations may be forced to allow solar panels

Holladay leaders vow to obey the law, pay Utah sales tax on online purchases

Bill giving liquor agency a $1M safety net heads to final vote

Democrat draws warning over claim GOP-backed bill meant to shore up Republican control

House votes to spend $350k on its own federalism refresher courses

House dumps plan to put fate of daylight saving time in voters’ hands

Not a dissenting vote in House approval of rape-kits testing mandate

Utah lawmakers push through bill auditor could use to seize mystery fund

Utah House dumps effort to restrict ‘noncompete’ agreements

Legislature will have nearly $100 million more than expected for budget

With or without Outdoor Retailer, leaders press on with convention center hotel

Food-tax hike part of tax-reform package eyed by Senate Republicans

Trusting in Trump, Utah lawmakers back off suing for public-land control

Committee passes bill that some say would discourage reports of campus sex assaults

Lawmaker says writer of viral ‘breadwinner’ letter didn’t read his equal pay bill

Utah House committee OKs ‘Stand Your Ground’ self-defense bill

Rolly: Ghost of liquor laws past haunting Utah’s Capitol to scare up support for Zion Curtain

Panel advances bill that would help state collect online sales tax

Utah immigrants hunker down in wake of Trump’s expanded federal raids

Park City immigrants fearful after ICE operation

Gehrke: A family’s journey challenges our notion of who we are

Former plural wives divided over what Utah should do about polygamy

Lee: Trump isn’t the right guy, but he’s the guy for the right

Caught in Utah’s Medicaid expansion limbo: Homeless woman wants to ‘try to be happy again’

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: What politicians say – and what they really mean

Op-ed: The forgotten arts of civil discourse and compromise

Josh James: Holding on to non-competes is bad for business and the economy

Joel Briscoe: Teachers in Utah are in crisis, but it’s business as usual on the Hill

Joe Cannon: Governor and Legislature should be applauded for addressing regulation reform

Boyd Matheson: Utah champions public lands while Outdoor Retailer walks away

Editorial: Fortify Utah dams

Editorial: Higher-education innovation

Editorial: All political persuasions should celebrate Presidents Day

Committee recommends bill allowing self-defense ‘even if safety could be achieved by retreating’

Bill would make attempted strangulation a felony crime


Op-ed: Utahns need compassionate care and medical cannabis reform (Standard-Examiner)

Peterson’s bill would trim Ogden’s halfway house beds by 77 percent (Standard-Examiner)